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we came in contact with Rainbow 9 Events. We played the blind game with unknown people and their work but at end it was win-win situation. 100% satisfied with the work and very friendly and enthusiastic people with superb decoration and very well organized. Anchor was also very friendly and excellent and it was the bestest event for us. Even all guest appreciated your work, hope to work with you again in future. Thank you so much for everything.

Dimple, PixelArt


As much as planning weddings sounds fascinating trust me it is not all that easy. Being a bride who has OCD about everything Nishit and Vaibhav came as angels in disguise. I met them just one week before the wedding for some help with the sangeet. And with the kind of enthusiasm and creativity that they put in we just knew we needed them in other functions too. They managed everything from the food to music to lighting to decorations to our entries to transportation of guests. Because of their amazing organization skills we experienced a hassle free and fun wedding. I am glad we chose Rainbow 9 events.

Krishma, K2K